New ophthalmology program

We are very pleased to present the new and greatly expanded ophthalmology catalog. It offers a large selection of ophthalmic instruments for all types of eye surgery.
From clamps, forceps, hooks and eyelid retractors to blades and choppers, we have created a complete program.

To make your selection easier, we have also put together 18 customizable set suggestions for the most common ophthalmology operations.

Set examples:

Emergency | Foreign Body | Stitch Removal | Cataract | Glaucoma |
Keratoplasty | Retina Detachment | Chalazion | Pterygium | Enucleation |
Strabismus | Lacrimal

Our instruments impress with their excellent quality, comfortable handling and durability. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, they offer the perfect instrument for safe and efficient handling for every ophthalmic surgeon.

Our sales team looks forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help.